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If you are seeking a reputable writer to create or edit top-quality articles for your blog, website or magazine that not only can boost traffic to your site but engage new customers, you’ve found your person.

I write under C.S. Blake and Carol Blake. I write. I edit. I blog. I create resumes.

My writing niches are:

  • Parenting & Family
  • Personal Development
  • Self-improvement
  • Spirituality
  • Resumes

My writing specialties are writing and ghostwriting content, articles, blog posts, and website text.

As a freelance writer, I am open to speak about other opportunities, as I have varied experience.

As an editor, I mostly review websites, blogs and articles, but I’m happy to engage in conversation about how I may offer assistance in your editing needs.

I create professional resumes.

For professional samples, see my About page.

For business engagement, please contact me through the form below.