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Hi. I’m Carol Blake Sessums but write under C.S. Blake and Carol Blake. I work from home as a writer, blogger and resume creator. I also do a good bit of working as an editor, mostly reviewing websites, blogs and articles. I also create resumes. As a freelance writer, I specialize in parenting, personal development, self-improvement, and spirituality, among other things. I write and ghostwrite content, articles, blog posts, and website text.

My background is varied. I’ve done everything from being a governess to serving in the military to working from home as a mother and writer. Yeah, don’t put me in a box.

I served my country active duty U.S. Air Force from ’92 to ’95 as an Information Management Specialist and Ready Augmentee for Security Police, earning Expert Marksman with the 9mm pistol and m16 rifle. I palace chased into the U.S. Air Force Reserve, serving from ’95 to ’96 in Medical Administration, then U.S. Air National Guard from ’96 to ’98 as Information Management Specialist, leaving with an Honorable Discharge. I knew when I joined, it would only be for 4-6 years, as there were other things my heart longed to do.

I worked as a legal secretary for various law firms for a few years before finally deciding to start my own freelance legal business. In my own business, I served as legal secretary, paralegal and videographer for many law firms in and around the Jackson, MS area. I also served as  Mississippi State Bar examination proctor. I worked in the legal field for over 20 years before deciding I no longer wanted to work with attorneys. Don’t misunderstand, I actually have a couple of attorney friends. I was just ready to focus more on my writing and editing skills.

As a writer, in general, the bug actually bit me before I could pen my name. I would make up songs and sing them to my 3 dolls and stuffed animal. I’d dream up fantastic imaginative magical stories, usually during class. I believe every single one of my grade school report cards say, “Carol is constantly daydreaming and needs to pay more attention in class.” I thought my daydreaming was much more interesting and beneficial to my future than the same ole, same ole boring stuff day after day. I mean, how many times do you have to go over something before it just becomes repetitive and redundant? Who can blame me for flying off into my many varied adventures living within my imagination?

I’d visit my grandparents during the summers as I was growing up and they had this wonderful vintage black Royal typewriter that I completely fell in love with. During those warm summer days, you could find me either biking or walking down their country road, visiting with the neighbors, laying under the ginormous pecan tree in the lush green grass of the back yard making pictures out of the clouds, laying on an old quilted twin bed nestled beside the window of the middle room listening to and breathing in the fresh fragrant summer rain or hen-pecking that old typewriter. I still remember the clickity clack of punching those keys – sounded like musical notes to my ears.

I’ve been working from home for roughly 4 years and while basing my income on writing, editing, ghostwriting and administrative gigs, which can be somewhat unstable at times, I love it! I love flying by the seat of my pants! And I love being  present for my family. I don’t miss rush hour traffic nor the commute to and from an office. I don’t miss office gossip and all that drama. I do miss the perks, like a steady fat check and insurance but I occasionally have a nice check and I have the V.A., so you gotta weigh the pros and cons. Plus, I can work in my pjs or shorts and a tee and ya can’t beat bare feet! I’ve been a contributor to Parent.CoThe Huffington Post, and ghostwriter to several clients, and a columnist for Byram Banner.

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In my off time, you can find me playing with my dogs, enjoying a glass of wine, nibbling on cheese or chocolate, sipping coffee, writing books, hiking a trail, or on a road trip with my family.

I live and breathe to shrink the planet, one story and connection at a time, with the intention of creating a more peaceful and compassionate world for my daughter and further generations.

I live in a small town in Mississippi with my teenager and 3 hairy monsters, though I do miss those Montana mountains. One day soon, I hope to pack up my family and move closer to the mountains.

I’m currently seeking representation for a children’s book.

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